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Created in 1994 at the initiative of Dr.Hatem Denguezli and Dr.Hichem Ayed, passionate veterinarians, LAND’OR is the leading Tunisian company in North Africa in the field of cheese making. Since its opening, LAND’OR has become the reference point of the brand’s memory. It has managed to establish itself as a leader in the local market, offering a unique look at one of the most impressive Tunisian industrial and marketing adventures to date.

A true reference company in the cheese sector, LAND’OR was launched on the stock market in 2013. Its two main actions are Production and Distribution via the LFS service ( LAND’OR Food and Service)

In the cheese sector, LAND’OR embodies quality, generosity and the ability to exchange and meet nationally and internationally. It is present in 15 countries thanks to a solid, modern, traditional and professional distribution network. It is enriched thanks to its essential know-how, to the continual evolution of the group and its many innovations. LAND’OR thus testifies to the great dynamism of the brand and its teams that associate its values ​​with contemporary actions.

With its image of quality, LAND’OR is famous for its varied portfolio that has won over nationally and internationally. It is divided into two major categories namely the 3 Brands-Range ( LAND’OR, FONDOU, Campo Verde) and a product-brand designed to meet the needs of the mozzarella market, the cheese for pizza .
LAND’OR continues to enrich the cheese sector and give new depth to the evolution of its brand by focusing on shared intelligence, sustainable development and know-how.


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First SME in Tunisia renewing ISO 9001 certification 2015 version

Since its creation, LAND’OR has been constantly improving the quality of its products. This co

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FC Barcelona and Landor celebrate their partnership

Barça and LAND’OR have formalized an agreement for the next three years. This is the first ti

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(Fr) Assemblée Générale Ordinaire annuelle 2018

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first SME to have SAP installed "All Business in One".
first Business to be accredited of the European community.
1 Production
1 Plateforme de
140 SKU sold by
LAND'OR in 2017

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